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Valenwood furniture concepts

As part of the Beyond Skyrim: Valenwood project, I designed this elven set of furniture for the Bosmer culture, wood elves who have sworn to never use plant materials in any way. So their furniture is largely made from animal materials like bones, antlers, leather, and in this case, also stone, that I thought would add an interesting accent. The title of the set was Cosmopolitan Lower Class, after I handed in my first sketches however it was upgraded to Middle Class. The fixed set of pieces includes thirty items total, from double beds to candles and chairs to counters. I had a ot of fun trying to get the most interesting shapes and construciton out of using a very limited set of materials; other furniture for the same project uses lots of raw bones tied with leather, and I wanted something slightly more sophisticated while using mostly scapulas and femur bones with some antlers. I am happy with how it all turns out and fits together nicely and can't wait to see it in game.
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