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When zebras sleep

From my personal art challenge, this prompt was my favourite. It read "Eye of the beholder - Cuando las cebras duermen, todos los caballos son de colores". Beholders have been done to death ;) and the other expression was just so great: When zebras sleep, all horses have colours. Horses can be hilarious, so I drew a bunch of them and gave them garish colours, using lassoed shapes as masks for the lively execution in Rebelle, using the watercolour features with great gusto.

I absent-mindedly complained to my significant other that I missed doing challenges because I hadn't gotten around to any in '23. He was happy to provide me with a multi-lingual list of prompts the likes of which I hadn't seen before and gave me a schedule until the end of year I couldn't possibly keep - who has time for art during the winter holidays when there are games that need playing and way too much food to think creatively?
These are my results. I decided before that I wanted to start working with a more reduced and clearer style than my usual paintings; I would love to get into editorial illustrations. I worked in Photoshop, Painter, and Rebelle; leaving out trad tools to speed things up.