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Selva - Forêt - Wald

Using a stylised approach I illustrated a few simple ideas, in this case, the Forest™, as ideas for editorial illustrations or maybe info poster designs. I am learning languages and had a bit of fun adding text in several translations, although I will hardly get a prize for knowing a single word ;)
I created both images side by side. For the bright tree, I worked by painting within shapes I selected, and overlaying natural textures from watercolour spatters and stained papers. I'm pretty happy with the outcome, and this is also an almost unusually bright images for me, since I tend to the dark side of the fantasy world often enough. For the dark trunk trees, the trees are created by selecting shapes wit straight line and a bit of touching up with brushes for more organic transitions between trunks and branches. I was careful when duplicating shapes so it didn't look repetitive and still play with the saying "not seeing the forest for the trees".