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Six Cats

I managed several large paintings this year, but this one I probably put the most energy into as it was meant to be my contribution for a competition with a tight deadline (actually a very generous deadline but when I finally got around to starting the painting, it wasn't anymore).
It's acrylic and golden ink on mat board, 50×70cm. When I was finished after a few days with little sleep, they extended the deadline! Anyway, I wasn't among the finalists and feel excited talk about the making of it, which I do in my art blog, with detail images and timelapse GIF. It is based on a quick sketch I made a few weeks earlier, which is actually quick for me to decide tackling such a large format painting; painting large is fun but also lots of work - they say you can paint the details larger, which is true, but you also have more room for more and smaller details. It's a conundrum.