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Acrylic, ink, and collage on acrylic pouring on wood, 15×20cm, unframed.

The term bio-indicator is a science term that means butterflies can provide information about an environment, because they are very needy and fragile and their well-being immediately points out if there is a lack or abundance of certain substances or conditions. A fascinating and useful ability of little creatures that are often overlooked. Which is why the girl is crying; all over the world, insects are endangered by a multitude of factors, and we do very little as of yet to prevent species from dying out that we hold dear. They are golden because we keep admiring the animals, despite our inactivity to save them.

The background of the painting is a two-layered acrylic pouring on wood, which means there are little cracks all over in the top layer that let the layer below peek through. The surface has been gessoed and painted over with acrylic paint for the face, gold hue inks were dripped down the surface, and finally the butterflies are made of ultramarine blue glitter glued onto the surface with a little overpaint in acrylics for shading, and a dab of gold inks. Some of the gold ink streams were scratched off with a blade so small flecks are still visible in the depth of the surface. The painting is sprayed with gloss varnish, and can be hung as is when fitted with a hanger, or be framed. Get this original piece in my shop on Etsy,