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Magical Oasis

A while ago I worked on several illustrations for Chaosium, among them a magical oasis complete with skeletons and everything. I made two sketches which I both liked, and this is the one that wasn't chosen by the art director then. I fiddled a bit with it, to make it more interesting than just an oasis (which I think are pretty cool to begin with though, nothing for miles and then suddenly, there's water, and with it, green) and created the giant palm tree inspired by a recent RPG adventure where my character met the palm queen, a powerful fairy being. I aimed for not being entirely realistic and not entirely painted. It also features my new signature! I used a sigil comprised of my initials before but I was told those are not ideal. Having pretty common both first and last names (and not being one for flourish-ful penmanship) makes it a bit tricky, but I think I like this one, and it's easier to make with trad media than the old one.