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Dark Eye Characters

Our longest played Dark Eye RPG group. They are survivors of the campaign of Seven Signbearers (Die Sieben Gezeichneten, or G7) and kept the gifts given to help end the rule of the resurrected dark mage Borbarad, who tried to get rid of the gods themselves (I'm just paraphrasing here, please have mercy on me for being short ;))
There's the witch baroness Fennja with the Second Sign, the moving picture, making bonds between her and those bearing her pictures; and her raven Firnius, arguably the smartest character of the group.
The albino half-elf white mage Iyodin, Arch Marshal of the Middenrealm, who was given the Almadine Red Eye that sees all magic, but is also possessed; he's a high-ranking nobleman but may not bear the title.
The dwarven geode mage Nourin with the Steely Head, letting him heal all and destroy the undead as the greatest crime against life; he's accompanied by Angrr the badger.
Half-elf Thelan, once a humble guard, now baroness, judge, and former Godly Arrow who was reshaped to make her the most enduring tracker of all.
Finally Wulfgrim, a knight and often companion to their adventures, and guard to the Empress. There's a trick to him, but that's his secret.