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When they first gave her the knife, they only knew it was a beautiful old piece from the collection in the mountain stronghold where the ancient masters had trained their students, and assumed that it was the spirit of tradition that propelled her skills skyward even though she was still very much a child. Little did they know how right they were.

A personal painting based on a sketch I once created for a TCG about a young woman who is a master assassin and quite unhinged; it was ultimately not chosen for the card so I worked on it myself. As always, I rendered a model in Blender with a DAZ figure first, sketched over that and then painted in Painter and Photoshop. The fractals are Apophysis flames I had from ages ago. Getting the baroque clothing and especially the hairdo right was tricky; I didn't want the really big hair, but still a period style. The pattern on the dress cost me probably the most time, after trying to render the flat relief on the plaque (and not very successfully, but enough to use for reference).