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Keeper of Knowledge

My first attempt at using scratchboard. I ordered it with other supplies to try if I like it; it's quite different from what I normally do, and definitely a strain on the fingers to scratch out large areas but nice in the bold impression of only black and white. And THEN I discovered drawing over the white with inks is easy! And it suddenly became more fun.
The subject is the keeper (or one of the keepers, at least) of knowledge, perhpas even the one of infinite knowledge, I dunno, there are a few... I made my life fairly easy by rendering a piece with the Wombo Dream app to use as a basis for this somewhat surreal character (and I should take more care to fix any design issues, but there is also the fact that only two values is a very binary way of working and I say maybe to too many decisions instead of just yes or no). I have a few sheets left so I shall see what else I can tickle out of scratchboard.