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Stars Flying

This drawing's idea came to me when idly thinking about ancient weaponry, martial arts, and a lot of "we're leaving it open what happened to this character after this scene" endings. It's said throwing stars had a diamond-shaped hole that made them whirr when flying, to confuse the attacked about where they were coming from.

There's a sepia ink underpainting for her kimono. I used masking fluid to spare out the white stars, but with so much powdered charcoal, I should've used something else - maybe tape - because the fluid only comes off when rubbing over it, which the charcoal was offended by. So I spent a lot of time cleaning up the shurikens' edges. This image is even cleaner, for the digital version I decided to lasso out the stars altogether.

30×48cm, charcoal and ink on paper. You can purchase the original artwork in my Etsy shop,