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Party Palace

The festivities had been held in the derelict building forever, hence its name party palace. It was widely thought it had been used for similar purpose in old times, as it was hung with pictures of smiling people, had playgrounds, and music came from its walls every now and then. Others believed it used to be a temple to the old gods, because of many numbers also presetn, but since math was so popular with the old ones, it wasn't given much thought.

I have collected a great many sketches that I never finished into paintings and have gathered some will to see them through; this was only a compositional sketch that I thought would become a rocky cave or something, but instead turned into this ghibli-esque overgrown ruin city. You know those tiny people we put into paintings for scale? They seem to climb up high very often. Mine aren't good with heights so they always need a job, something to do. Going to a party is a first, I think.