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Opulent Mobility

The Opulent Mobility show called for entries on its theme of how to make disability not just manageable, but posh. They had a lot of cool wheelchairs and walkers on display, my way of art being illustration I went with two concepts, of a prostehtic leg - it's awesome what people can do today that are "just" missing a leg, or even both; athletes are talking about their amputee colleagues beating their records because the prosthetics are an actual augmentation in some cases - and a wheelchair with a standup frame option, something I hadn't been aware of before, that helps the user stand up to get face to face with pedestrians. As the joke goes, as soon as you're in a wheelchair, the world is full of butts. On a less positive note, I had to learn that many people are harassed by their health insurances about getting the right models or any at all because the general commcercial idea seems to be that it's peoples own fault to being born with an off-standard number of limbs; nor are there a great number of studies about which wheelchairs work best for what cases.