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The Odds of Survival

We live in a time of abundance, and have not realized that with it survival has become and had to become more than the question of food and safety. We need more, and have always needed more, than simply be not dead to actually survive. Most will add that living is even more. We not only can afford but we must in order to realise what we can do and what we can be, if liberated from the questions of the mere beasts.

The series shows surreal depictions of deeper thoughts that cannot well be defined in picture, which is why the approach is symbolic, sometimes dark, but always hopeful, and reminding us of the responsibilities we have as social creatures towards ourselves and others. The images themselves are drawn on thin black toned paper using a deeper black ink with sheen that makes objects visible from certain angles. Gold marker is used for large graphic elements and decorative foil to create the ever-present human element in each image. Finally, gold glitter and glitter stars are applied to guide the eye along the symbolically important focal areas.