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A Sword, with a Unicorn on It

If you are in the habit (and I can only advise it) to only suggest sketches you would be excited to paint, a lot ends up on the cutting room floor. So when clients select sketches, I tend to ask if it's okay to use the rejected ones myself, and mostly get positive answers.
This was for a fencer in a card game that ended up being a lofty Zorro type, and I thought a darker, more determined mood would also work for this other sketch. The unicorn details are a late idea, because I love sculpted weapons parts. I was undecided about his type starting out, the older pale blonde man was not the first choice, and hard to make the hair colour work without it look white; I'm glad about the choice looking back.
Photoshop and Painter, referencing a quick render of a DAZ figure lit in Blender. I came up with the title considering what a novel would be called using this as its cover.