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Year of the Tiger 2022

Happy Lunar New Year!
Year after year I've been missing the opportunity of creating artwork for the lunar new year with its interesting zodiac animals. This year finally I managed it in time! 2022 will be the year of the tiger, specifically the water-tiger, which was a welcome excuse to draw from Hokusai's great wave. It showed again that what is imbecilically easy with digital mediums may not be so on the canvas; I almost thoughtlessly added the borders and corner elements in the digital sketch, and realising I would have to paint all that almost froze my brush. Thankfully I still managed it.
The canvas structure made it REALLY hard to give sharp edges to all the tiny details, so this is really the very, very last time I use canvas for such a small format. I mean it this time. For realz. I mean, unless I want to.

Acrylics, ink, and coloured pencils, on 25cm square canvas board. A lifesaver for straight edges: Molotow acrylic marker (not sponsored, the thing's just cool).