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Among Wolves

(I'm using the allegorical meaning of the wolf as the fabled predator here. Wolves are actually cool.)
There they are, the standard consumer, J. Average. Not knowing good from bad, all those ideas sound so nice - just follow, and arrive at happiness! Have a coffee - never mind the how of production. Did you see the new phone? Slick, isn't it. Who doesn't like having new clothes? Posh clothes? Buy something, treat yourself. If only you do it and not everyone, nothing will be broken or go wrong. Look, exchange rates are going up - everything is well.

It's so strange that in our strive for individuality we do more of what the others do, own the same things, go to the same places. And we want to. Maybe we should say it out loud: Being highly individualistic also means being alone to a degree. If you are happy with that, great. If you're happier in a crowd, great, too. But do admit it.
And with all this consumerism critique, let me also say that the rise of prosperity is a great chance to relieve some of the suffering in the world.

This piece is 40×30cm, acrylics and inks, on paper mounted to board.