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The Fool - Tarot 0

Last year I was competing for a job on a tarot deck when the client decided to give priority to the Ukrainian artists that had applied. I had never been so content with a reason to not be chosen for a project; my sketches for the Fool card were now useless but I liked them enough to finish it on my own time. The client had liked he Rider-Waite-Smith deck best so it's mostly a modern reinterpretation of its Fool card, keeping the yellow background and sun, red bag, green jacket with red insides and yellow trousers (that many decks interpret as about to fall down), dog, and white rose. A few happy hours looking at refs of slobering dogs and dozy doves (I don't have a high opinion of doves' intelligence. I blame kids' media).
It's also my first proper illustration this year, which is always kind of a milestone to me. Created with Photoshop and Painter.